What we're reading: February 2

A round-up of food-related articles and recipes we're digging into today.

What we're reading:

Recipe Sketches from Alinea and Le Bernardin

(Saveur) Saveur collected food-concept drawings from some of the world's best restaurants. It's like a peek into the chef's genius as he creates a new plate. I just wish I had the artistic, and let's face it, culinary skills to follow suit.

Fast Food Oatmeal

(Slate) Did you know that fast-food restaurants serve oatmeal? Neither did anyone else! Regular Slate staffers sampled McDonald's, Au Bon Pain, and Starbucks' oat offers. Read to find out where to get your breakfast fix, and which restaurant's oatmeal was "a tad cement-y, but I like it that way."

How we're searching:


This new search engine is just for recipes. Type in what ingredients you want to use and avoid, and then share the good recipes you find with your friends. With great design, and easy to use options like "Like" and "Save," I may never frantically search for recipes in Google again.

What we're coveting:

Mike's Hot Honey

The good people at Slice (America's Favorite Pizza Weblog) wrote about this trying this spicy honey on pizza. I love honey, and I love hot sauce, so I can think of nothing better than a combination of the two. I wouldn't really eat it on pizza, but on every bite food I eat.

What we're watching:

Top Chef

In my opinion, TV's best competitive food show is on Bravo tonight at 10 p.m. This season's the best yet, with favorite contestants from previous seasons competing for more money than ever. Tonight's episode is Italian food, so eat some pasta, grab a glass of red wine, and get ready to watch some amazing cooking.


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