Daily Dining Hall Dishes - January 25

Your daily meal-by-meal guide to getting the most from dining hall food.

We've all had that feeling - you swipe your card at the nearest dining hall, walk in, and are immediately bombarded with what seems to be endless options for you to create a meal. It doesn't take students too long to realize, however, that dining hall food can get repetative... fast. You don't have to dread dining hall dishes anymore because there are plenty of ways to create new, tasty meals from what you're served.

Each day I'll share a unique menu guide for breakfast, lunch, and dinner using dining hall selections that anyone can recreate on their plates. So what are you waiting for? You've had a long day - get down there and eat!



two pancakes

one medium banana (sliced and atop pancakes)

1/3 cup scrambled eggs

1 cup milk



1 cup tomato soup

1/2 Turkey wrap (or BLT if you prefer)

1 large apple

OPTIONAL: small side salad

3/4 cup romaine lettuce

1/4 cup cucumbers

1/4 cup baby carrots

1/4 cup cherry tomatoes

olive oil





1 piece Cajun chicken

1/2 cup Horsey scalloped potatoes

1/3 cup broccoli spears

1/3 cup butternut squash

1 piece chocolate cream pie OR 1 chocolate chip cookie

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