What we're reading: April 11

A round-up of food-related articles and recipes we're digging into today.

What we're reading

9 Foods to Help You Sleep

(The Daily Meal) You don't have to feel sluggish all the time or never get a good night's rest—just try eating some of these foods to help you catch you much deserved Z's.

A Matter of Taste: Europeans on American Food

(iHaveNet) Our food culture in America starkly differs from European food culture, however both cultures find common ground by sharing foods and enjoying different, traditional dishes. Just remember: there may be no BBQ in Italy, but Americans still rule at breakfast food!

Japanese Snacks: Biscuity, Chocolatey Things

(Serious Eats) The Japanese know how to have fun with their snacks. Japan has tons of animal shaped snacks, food shaped snacks (mini hamburger-shaped biscuits, anyone?), and even nature shaped foods like bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and tree stumps! Thankfully they don't taste how they look...

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