What we're reading: February 9

A round-up of food-related articles and recipes we're digging into today

What we're reading

Husk Restaurant in Charleston

(New York Times) A spotlight on the U.S. South's newest eating destination. The food is described as a postmodern ode to the city's rich history. It's a delicous read and nice reminder than we don't have to look far to ogle brilliant and rule-breaking cuisine.

Chocolate Photography

(Saveur) The most beautiful pictures of chocolate you'll ever see. Need I say more? (Caution: If you expect chocolate for Valentine's Day, viewing this will cause guaranteed disappointment on Monday)

8 Bizarre Food Museums

(The Daily Meal) Clear winner of the list: The Jell-O Gallery in LeRoy, N.Y. Make it a sidetrip on your next trip to Buffalo!

What we're listening to

Tea by the Sporkful

The Sporkful's podcast is always entertaining and surprisingly informative. This week, the two former NPR staffers (and their guest, a current NPR staffer) take on a cold-season staple: tea. What kind to buy, how to make it, and why the Brits will always be better tea drinkers than us.

What we're cooking

Smoky sweet potato soup

(fresh cracked pepper) My friend and I are sweet potato fry addicts, so anything that tastes like a fry but isn't covered in oil is first on our "to cook" list.

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