Behind the scenes: Sh*t Cuse Girls Say

Forget the long hours shooting, editing and writing the script. The hardest part of producing 'Sh*t Cuse Girls Say' was getting the stars to wear lipstick.

In the back room of Recess Coffee House & Roastery where no one could see, The NewsHouse stylist Angela Hu backed a young man into a corner and forcibly swiped a sheen of Revlon's Raspberry Bite lipstick across his mouth, despite multiple protests.

Angela Hu fixes the lime green scarf worn by "Christina."Filming for "Sh*t Cuse Girls Say went for one day and editing went for two. Planning took longer, but the most difficult part of all was getting the stars to put on makeup. That took about 20 minutes of convincing. They whined, they cringed, they complained they'd never get a job, but Angela persisted and won her battle.

We worried our stars would sheepishly hide their faces all day, but by the fourth hour, they greeted any passerby who stared with a "Hey Girl!"

We're pleased with the outcome. Our video was liked, shared, retweeted and reposted many times in the last couple days. At the time of publishing this blog, we have 3,326 views on Vimeo and 4,808 views on YouTube. Not bad.

Here at The NewsHouse, the fun just keeps coming. For your further enjoyment, here's the blooper reel from our shoot on Jan. 29.

Here are some quips that didn't make it into the video:

Cuse Girl's friend: Your jeggings look great.

Cuse Girl: YOUR jeggings looks great!

It hasn't snowed yet, so weird, right?

Cuse Girl: Yeah, my boyfriend's bringing me to the game tonight.

Cuse Girl's friend: That's legit.

Yeah, but I think Syracuse handled our coach scandal way better than Penn State did.


(While accepting a free drink from a stranger at Faegan's) Ew, townies here are SOOO gross.

(Staring at parking ticket on her Mercedes on Walnut St.) Cuse Girl: There’s no way I can afford this.


We call her Chancy Nancy.

Guy: Too bad we don’t have players like Dave Bing anymore.

Cuse Girl: Who?

Guy: Derrick Coleman?

Cuse Girl: Who?

Guy: Lawrence Moten?

Cuse Girl: Who?

Guy: Mookie Jones?

Cuse Girl: Ohhhh my god, I looooove him!

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