Spring Trend: Neon Colorblocking

Anxious to escape monochrome winter fashion? Neons and bold black and white stripes are around the corner.

If you're like me, you are extremely impatient for warmer weather and sunny skies to start appearing. Along with better weather, I can't wait to ditch my unflattering black parka in exchange for jackets, sandals and t-shirts. It seems as thought the fashion world has heard my pleas for happier clothes, and it has responded by tossing in every bright, intense color imaginable in a storm of pinks, greens, reds and blues, and it's also throwing in some bold black and white stripes to the mix. Welcome to Spring 2013 ladies (and gentlemen, I suppose).

iPhone case, Kate Spade // Pink trousers, J. Crew // Mint handbag, J. Crew // Striped top, Zara // ​Red dress, Zara // Striped skirt, Zara // Mint shorts, J. Crew // Blue handbag, Coach // Pink pump, J. Crew // Yellow-green shorts, J. Crew //

Color-blocking has always been a favorite of mine, and this spring's wardrobe will be no different. This season will be about finding fun combinations of these bright, intense colors and paring them with bold black and white stripes. For instance, paring the black and white striped Zara top with the hot pink pants from J. Crew and a color-blocked bag like the mint one from J. Crew sets your outfit apart by screaming "I LOVE COLORRRRR!!!". But really, if you don't want to be quite so obnoxious in your color choices, opt for some of the pretty mint colored items like the shorts from J. Crew (I like J. Crew, if you couldn't already tell) and a t-shirt with some smaller black and white stripes. You get the idea. Happy color blocking!

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