The NewsHouse presents Orange Shorts

A preview of the soon-to-be blog that will feature fiction, opinion and humorous video shorts.

Here at The NewsHouse we try our best to present news to our viewers in innovative ways, keeping up with the spread of multimedia and online world. Whether it's through photo stories, compelling text or interactive graphics, we want to make an engaging and interesting experience.  

But we ran into a bit of an ethical issue when we started to post videos that had a humorous bent. Our lead producer team questioned whether we'd be fooling our viewers by passing these fictitious videos as fact.  We'd like to think that our viewers would automatically know that these videos were a way to engage and gain a few laughs, but we couldn't be too sure.

So we've decided to launch a blog under our Life & Style section called Orange Shorts.  

Orange Shorts will feature video shorts that are purely fictitious and opinions, not necessarily actual hard facts, traditional news-gathering or sometimes even reality.

The first Orange Short is entitled "Valentine's Day," and you can watch it below. Stay tuned for more!

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