Diplo is the act everyone's been waiting for

The big name DJ can appeal to everyone and has a chance to be the can't-miss event of the year.

I've been critical of some University Union bookings in the recent past. Campus shows so far this year have recycled some of the artists we've seen neighboring CNY schools bring first or they included acts that failed to excite the masses (either groups were still on the brink or too niche for most).

Today, however, no one is questioning their most recent announcement. Folks not lucky enough to be at SU anymore are dejected. In fact some on-campus groups are campaigning just to be involved in the evening.

Diplo is coming to Goldstein Auditorium on March 26 as part of Hillel's 60th anniversary festivities. The DJ's performance is technically part of the Bandersnatch series but was relocated to Goldstein because a sellout is expected. "Inevitable" may be a better word since tickets are just $5 with an SUID. Hit up the box office today.

You know Diplo even if you somehow fail to recognize the name. You've seen the Blackberry commercial and likely heard his work regardless of your preferred genre. He's produced music for major dance acts like M.I.A, LaRoux and Robyn. He's also worked with acts as diverse as Sleigh Bells, Britney Spears and Linkin Park (try to link those three in other way). He possesses the same production genius of someone like Steve Aoki but is able to do it in a way that connects with the masses. Regardless of who you supported in those UU surveys, Diplo was one name that could show up high on anyone's ballot.

I was lucky enough to see both Diplo and his new project Major Lazer perform in the same day at Camp Bisco last summer. Major Lazer was the name floating around the UU survey but even then Diplo felt like the right choice. His production and remix skill was much more evident without Skerrit Bwoy prancing around the stage and if Diplo could make a tent in rural Albany feel like a happening NYC club, what would he be capable of in an intimate space on campus?

Diplo has a chance to be the show to see on campus this year no matter who is named as the Block Party 2011 headliner in the coming weeks. With that in play, it's time to congratulate UU (and also co-sponsor Hillel) on job well done. That said... the box office opens at 11 a.m.




UU is co-sponsoring with

UU is co-sponsoring with Hillel, not the other way around

So excited Diplo's coming!

So excited Diplo's coming! Please book Skeet Skeet next!

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