Syracuse University, we’ve been Crashed!

Chuck's and other local spots experienced a (small) British invasion this past week as the cast of TV's 'Campus Crashers' tried party like American college students.

Not even the frigid cold could keep these Brits from partying in the USA.

Over the course of the last week, the cast of Campus Crashers have been discovering what it is like to live (and party) like a Syracuse University student.

Last night the fun-loving Brits headed over to Chuck’s Café for a final night of debauchery in CNY, transforming the typically unassuming, late-night dive-bar ambiance into an electric Euro discotheque. Instead of pop hits like “Wrecking Ball” or "Timber" filling the air, students were greeted by loud, rhythmic house music courtesy of cast member, DJ Esplin.

As the chill vibes spread from the DJ to the dance floor, the rest of the cast members schmoozed and partied with the hometown crowd, seeming to make more and more friends as the evening progressed and more liquor was consumed.

When the clock finally struck midnight, the dance floor was packed with students dancing, the bar was entirely surrounded by patrons ordering drinks and the line to get in to Chuck’s filed out the door.

Amy Regan and Alessia Burchkard are joined by Kelise Hadfield for more table dancing at Chuck's. (Photo: Katy Beals)

Syracuse isn't the only university which has felt the influence of these six British kids (three guys, three gals) and their seven person crew. Campus Crashers is a reality show which is set to party its way across America.

“There’s no better way possible to experience [college parties] than to hit the top 10 party schools in the nation,” said producer Joe Madigan.

Ever since watching the cult classic film, American Pie, Madigan has been fascinated with the American college party scene. He spent his high school career in the U.S., but couldn’t afford to attend an American university -- so instead he created a production company, sold some shares, and is now using the profits to document the Campus Crashers' epic journey.

But there’s more to the reality show than booze, drugs, and music. The Brits are hoping to learn and experience the American dream through the eyes and experiences of American college students. Madigan said that he wants to take advantage of activities which aren’t available to them in the United Kingdom. Before reaching Syracuse, the crashers stopped in Times Square, went hunting and horseback riding, and visited shooting ranges and barber shops.

Kelise Hadfield (center) takes a sip of her drink at Chuck's. (Photo: Katy Beals)

To Madigan and the crew of Campus Crashers, America represents a land of opportunity where dreams come true -- and the six 'crashers' are using this tour to hopefully fulfill theirs.

“I hope to find what I want to do with my life,” said Amy Regan, a promo girl from Manchester, UK, who has already decided that relocating to the United States is part of her future plans.

Other castmates have more specific, professional aspirations.

“I’m going to have the time of my life … this is my chance to make it in the music industry,” said 28 year old DJ and cast member, Luke Pompey.

The Campus Crashers cast and crew head to Penn State today. The cast will conclude their 10-week, 10-school invasion on the West Coast at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Producers say to look for the completed project by the end of 2014.

duh darf ?

Harry and Luke, you spun well. Peace.

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