Bridal Show

Local magazine holds spring bridal show

Models wearing wedding gowns and tuxedos strut their stuff down the runway at a bridal show on Sunday.

Music, dancing and laughter travel through the halls during a nontraditional bridal show on Sunday at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool. The brides-to-be in the audience whispered to their family members about the outfits that came down the runway. As comical male models danced to the beat of the music, whispers turned into giggles.

Theo Wheeler, the publisher of Syracuse Wedding Magazine, was the main organizer of the bridal show. Wheeler said he started the show in 1999 because customers requested one to go along with the magazine. After the first successful event, he said he decided to organize three shows throughout the year in winter, spring and fall.

“Our biggest focus is the bride’s experience, while other bridal shows focus on vendors,” Wheeler said. In order to provide a good experience for the women, he said he ensures that there’s a large enough venue to accommodate guests as well as sends surveys to attendees for feedback. 

Before the bridal show, 47 vendors showcased their products from: photography, jewelry, flowers, food, cakes, suits and wedding gowns. Most of the vendors offered discounts for the show's attendees.

According to Heather Jensen, manager of Mirror Mirror, Inc., brides are more likely to choose gowns that are not white. She said colors such as champagne, ivory, light gold and pink are popular this year because everybody wants to be unique. “Some people get married around Halloween, so they dress in black with lace,” Jensen said. “Another trend is that all girls want (low-cut gowns), so their entire backs are exposed.”

Brides always have to plan ahead (at least one year) for the wedding, Jensen said. “Brides came to our shop trying on sample gowns,” she said. “It takes about six months for the dress to come in.”

Tanning is also popular among brides, and it's convenient to have a spray tan service at home before the wedding. “This is my first time here and so far there has been a really good turnout (because of) really great exposure,” said Reena Elizabeth, the owner of Reena Elizabeth Mobile Spray Tan.

Liz Karmas said she got engaged last week and noticed the bridal show when she was driving by. “There was a lot to look at, you know different things,” Karmas said. “It was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but it’s fun.”

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