Halloween according to Joe Blum

Commentary: A holiday packed with fear, candy-binging and near-nakedness doesn't appeal to everyone.

I can only remember trick-or-treating once as a kid.

My family is fairly religious, so we didn't really do the whole dress-up-as-goblins-and-ask-for-candy thing. 

I do remember, however, many harvest parties, dressing up as Indians or Bible characters or vegetables. 

I was broccoli. 

As I have never really been a big celebrator of Halloween, I've often wondered what people enjoy so much about it.

Do they truly like to be scared?  Do they like running around half-naked (or sometimes more than half)?  Do they like binging on candy? 

I've attempted to answer these questions, but I'm sure I'll never truly understand why people think Halloween is so awesome.

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