Mayfest according to Joe Blum

While still stunned that SU lets students take the day off to party, Joe finds more than just free beer to like about the controversial celebration.

During my first year of graduate school in 2008, I kept hearing about this infamous  Mayfest. I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. I did my undergraduate at Virginia Tech, which is a dry campus.  They don't even serve beer at football games. When I found out that Syracuse University students got a day off from school to drink as much alcohol as they wanted, I was pretty shocked. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for having a good time and relieving stress and what not. But I think it's a little silly for students to expect the university support a day of uncontrolled drinking frenzy.  There's already a perfect day for that kind of thing.  It's called Saturday.

When the university announced a revised Mayfest in Walnut Park, I thought it was a pretty good compromise.  Free food, free music, even free beer for those old enough to drink it.  But people still felt it wasn't good enough. 

On Friday, April 30th I headed down to Walnut to see if the new Mayfest was going to be as lame as people said it was going to be.

It was cool of the university to provide all that free stuff, and to bring in RJD2. So in my mind, Mayfest on Walnut was a success.  But the free Capri Sun's is what really did it for me.

I haven't heard of RJD2...

I haven't heard of RJD2... but you can't compare to a free day off and free beer lol.

austin brown

Joe Blum's Mayfest vid.

Thank you Joe. Now I know what I missed.

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