2009 according to Joe Blum

Commentary: An aspiring superstar breaks down his year in Syracuse.

This marks the second year I’ve made a music video recapping the events and adventures that occurred in the past 365 days.

This year wasn’t as exciting as my 2008, but there were still enough good times to sing ... I mean ... rap about.

I think maybe someday I’ll just quit whatever I’m doing and focus solely on being a rapper. I think I’ve got what it takes. I grew up on the mean streets of Newark, Delaware, and Manassas, Virginia.

The one thing holding me back is some street cred. So once I get some of that then I’ll be on my way to superstardom or maybe even megaawesomesuperstardom.

Until then I hope you enjoy this video and I hope your 2009 was just as awesome as mine was.

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