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In the mood for a truly savory salad? At Acropolis, they leave the boring boxed-up salads to McDonald’s. It’s nothing but fork-fulls of fresh lettuce leafs tossed with dices of ripe tomato, sprinkles of feta cheese, and homemade Greek dressing here. Heck, if you’re feeling adventurous, they’ll even top it off with steamy slices of freshly-grilled chicken. At Acropolis, you’re guaranteed fresh dining.  

Type of Menu: Don’t let the name of the restaurant fool you. Acropolis Pizza House serves much more than just pizza. Their menu displays more than 50 options of subs, pitas, wraps, sandwiches, chicken wings and pasta. But we must say, the Greek side of the menu is where it’s at. The savory gyros and Greek salads put the bland American dishes to shame. Acropolis’ desserts are definitely worth a try too. If you stop by, try the rich chocolate cheesecake, a.k.a. the “Chaos Pie”- It’s to die for. Bottom Line: They’re so much more than pizza.

Blue Plate Special: A slice of cheese pizza. Done. One slice of cheese pizza costs $1.50. Come in with a coupon from the University Bookstore, and you can get two slices of cheese pizza and a small soda for $3.70. Honestly, the pizza is eh, okay…. But hey, it’s only $1.50. Bottom Line: Want something cheap and tasty? Go with the classic cheese pizza.

When to Go: Anytime, really. Acropolis rarely gets packed. But regardless of what time you go, be ready to wait … for a while. The Acropolis staff makes everything fresh, including their salads. So if you’re on the run in-between classes, order a slice of cheese pizza because more often than not, that’ll be the only thing already prepared and ready to go. Bottom Line: When you go doesn’t really matter. Just be ready to wait.

On tap: Acropolis offers an assortment of beer and wine, 28 different bottles (including Sam Adams, Yuengling and Blue Moon) and four on draft (Bud, Bud Light, Miller Light and Ubu). However, the atmosphere doesn’t quite lend itself to pounding down drinks with the gang, so unless you have to, I’d say go some place else to down the brewskies. Bottom Line: Hit up Faegan’s or Chuck’s instead.

The Scene: If you’re picturing a dining room characteristic of a citadel of Ancient Greece, that’s not what you’re going to get at Acropolis. What you are going to get is a pizza joint with seven rows of sticky benches and walls covered with faded portraits of Greece. But while it may not be the fine-dining establishment of the Gods, Acropolis is the perfect place to relax and satisfy late-night munchies. Bottom line: Looks can be deceiving.

The Crowd: Look around. Chances are you are not the only student rushing from either Whitman or Newhouse to another class somewhere on the Quad. Some days you’ll see the occasional doctor or nurse from one of the hospitals down the street, but most likely you’ll be standing in line next to the girl who always fell asleep in your foreign language class freshman year. Bottom line: Students, students, students everywhere.

The Deets: It’s pronounced “Year-o,” NOT “Jy-roh.” Pronounce “gyro” correctly when ordering, and the employees may just be a little nicer to you. While not all of the crew members are Greek, those that are appreciate global awareness. Bottom line: “Year-o.”


167 Marshall Street
Syracuse, NY 13244
(315) 472-4876

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