Sex in a new city: Kim Cattrall in London-town

Anxiously waiting outside a London theater for the chance to meet the Sex and the City celebrity

She usually only signs ticket stubs or programs,” Luke Mills, a paparrazi for the celeb gossip website, said to the giggling group of girls. There were about 12 of us stationed outside the Stage Door of the Vaudeville Theatre on the West End of Londontown.

Kim Cattrall, undoubtedly the sexiest of the “Sex and the City” mafia, would be walking out of that door in T-minus-five minutes, and we were shaking with excitement. She is currently starring in the West End hit, “Private Lives,” and a group of us watched the show as part of our “Contemporary British Theatre” class.

“Crap! I can’t find my ticket stub,” my friend Alyssa Elias said as she frantically tore through the inside of her purse. “I can’t find it, I can’t find it!”

The other girls assuaged her worries, assuring her that Kim would most likely sign a piece of notebook paper if she asked nicely enough.

“Yeah, she’ll probably sign your paper,” Luke agreed. I wasn’t sure if he meant that or if he was just trying to calm down the frenzy.

I, luckily, was a little more than prepared. I had my digital camera in my left hand, my pen and ticket stub in my right and had slickly changed from my tweed winter coat to my more chic black blazer in case I was able to snap a shot with Kim.

I can’t remember the last time I was this excited to meet a star. I’m thinking the it was when I was in line waiting to take a picture with Princess Jasmine at Disney World. I don’t usually lose my cool. Ok, who am I kidding, normally I’m not running into glamorous Hollywood celebs on the streets of London, so whatever, my giddiness was perfectly justified.

“Oh my gosh! She’s coming!” one of the girls on the other side of the stage door barricade said. Slowly, the door opened and there, right before my eyes was a Hollywood goddess in person. Casually dressed in a furry winter coat, white and orange striped scarf and black hat, Kim Cattrall glided down the steps and offered her hand for the first awaiting pen.

“She’ll sign ticket stubs and programs only please,” her publicist announced.

I hurriedly shoved my ticket and pen out as far as I could reach. Kim gracefully took the pen, smiled, signed my West End souvenir, and continued on down the line.

“Will she sign my paper please?” Alyssa asked Kim’s publicist. “I lost my ticket stub.”

The publicist didn’t hear her over the controlled chaos, but luckily Luke chimed in.

“That girl right there lost her ticket stub, but she has a piece of paper if Kim will sign it,” he said.

“Sure I will,” Kim replied.

From autograph to autograph, she moved through the crowd, pausing every so often for pictures.

Before we knew it, she was announcing that she had to go. It was then I realized that I hadn’t gotten a picture with her yet.

“One more picture, please?” I asked.

“Sure, but this will be the last one for the night,” Kim said. “I’m very tired. I’ve been up since 7 for a photo shoot.”

Oh the lives of the rich and famous…

And with that, she walked alongside me, posed, Alyssa snapped a picture, and she was off, back upstairs to her dressing room most likely.

Kim’s actual performance in “Private Lives” is worth seeing. The story is about two ex-spouses who end up running into each other on their mutual honeymoons with their new lovers. Kim plays Amanda, the British version of “Sex and the City’s” Samantha Jones. As most would suspect, she seems to be type-casted for the same role time and time again, but she performs in “Private Lives” with such comedic grace, that it’s worth watching.

And the one great thing about her performance is that you get to hear her speak in her native British accent. Yes, for all of you who didn’t know, Kim Cattrall is British, was born in Liverpool, England and on a day-to-day basis speaks with a British accent. Who would’ve known based on her all-American performances on HBO?

As part of my “Contemporary British Theatre” course, I’ve seen many shows here in London, including- The Whiskey Taster, Daisy Pulls it Off, Enron and War Horse. London-town definitely has many shows to offer, and I’ve gotta say, “Private Lives” is worth the visit.

My advice to fellow SU peers and travelers:

1. Never throw away your ticket stub,

2. If you plan on studying abroad in London, take “British Contemporary Theatre,”

3. Scout out the Stage Door before the performance, and

4. Talk to the paparazzi while waiting. You’ll get some good tips on where to go on a Celeb Crawl throughout the city (Luke informed us that Gerard Butler would be somewhere around Regent’s Street tomorrow at 3PM. Too bad I’ll be on my way to class.) “

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