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Eye on the game

Sam Evans' job as video coordinator has become essential to the success of the SU Men's Lacrosse team.

Of all the cameras filming the Syracuse Men’s Lacrosse home opener on February 20, the one that the players and coaches will get the most use out of is being manned by Sam Evans.

He’s a senior information management and technology major and he’s been filming the team’s games since his freshman year.

Syracuse coaches use the film not only to study their own play, but also exchange it with other teams to analyze the opposition, he said. Without his footage, SU is at a serious disadvantage. Evans’ love for lacrosse extends back to his high school days, where he played until various injuries sidelined him. Wanting to stay involved, he jumped at his coach’s offer to film games, which he has been doing ever since.

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Evans is the team’s head manager and considers himself part of the lacrosse family.

“I know a lot more people in the whole process,” he said, “so I sort of understand how the whole process of game day works better, which makes my job easier. And they understand what I do, which leads me to do my job better.”

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