Preview: Iron & Wine in Buffalo on April 15

A look at Iron & Wine's new album, Kiss Each Other Clean, before their performance Friday at the Town Ballroom.

When Sam Beam – better known as Iron & Wine – dropped his fourth studio album, Kiss Each Other Clean, listeners were treated to the striking and thought provoking lyrics they were accustomed to, mixed with a sound that was unlike anything from the artist’s past recordings. The Iron & Wine concert at the Town Ballroom in Buffalo on April 15 should be unlike anything from Beam’s past as well.

Kiss Each Other Clean, which came out January 2011, showcased Beam’s continued evolution from whispery mountain music to ambitious southern blues and funk. Before this release, his last had been the critically acclaimed The Good Shepherd – an album that was pretty experimental for Beam in its own right. But his newest release features music that is increasingly complex. Beam forgoes the one-man guitar-picking act in favor of a full band, which will make for an entirely new concert experience for fans.

Any time artists choose to increase the pop-factor of their creations, they run the risk of alienating their long-time fans while not necessarily picking up any new ones. In the case of Kiss Each Other Clean, however, Iron & Wine is able to retain the charm and honesty of his earlier work. He still isn’t trying to impress anyone, nothing feels too forced. And he still has that magnificent beard. The already sold-out show at the Town Ballroom suggests that he hasn’t lost any fans yet.


Iron & Wine will play the Town Ballroom, Apr. 15 at 7:00 p.m. The show is sold out as of Apr. 11.

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