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The art of heckling

Louis Milman, promotions officer for Otto's Army, grooms freshman Ben Glidden to continue the traditional Orange art of heckling.

For Louis Milman, being a fan is no laughing matter.

“Mark, you’re not good for anything!”

Milman, a writing and rhetoric senior, is the promotions officer for Otto’s Army, the student section of SU sports. He puts up fliers, promotes pep rallies and hands out giveaways. But of all his responsibilities, the role he takes most seriously is that of mentor.

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Milman’s protégé is Ben Glidden, a broadcast and digital journalism freshman.

“As a senior, it’s definitely my responsibility to mentor him a little bit,” said Milman.

Their friendship began in the front rows of the Northern Iowa basketball game. Milman coaches Glidden in all things Orange, most importantly: heckling.

“He’s definitely my number one mentor when it comes to heckling,” said Glidden. “Louis here is a professional heckler.”

Milman ignites the players and referees with chants like, “You suck,” and “Worst refs ever!” What makes a good heckle, Milman explains, is knowing what it takes to get under the players’ skin. According to Glidden, this takes commitment and research.

“You’ve got to know where these people are from, their full names, their age,” said Glidden.

With most of Otto’s Army’s officers graduating in May, the fate of the student section is uncertain. But with the knowledge he has passed down, Milman has confidence in Glidden to keep their traditions alive.

 “I think I’ll definitely step up and take his place once he’s gone,” said Glidden.

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