What we're reading: February 4

A round-up of food-related articles and recipes we're digging into today.

What we're reading:

Next Up: Lasagna Cupcakes
(WSJ) After foodies were stumped on what more to do with cupcakes, Matthew Poley is popularizing lasagna in cup form. I'm a traditionalist when I say that I cannot even think of a savory cupcake like the "frozen turkey meatloaf muffins, topped with spinach and mashed potatoes" sold at Trader Joe's, so this just blows my mind.

Cookie Diet isn't as delicious as you think
(LA Times) Now if you give a Snooki a cookie (which sounds a lot like the beginning of a children's book-- but don't worry, it isn't) she'll endorse your latest fad diet... at least that's what happened for Dr. Siegal. Two men accept this cookie challenge and wrote about their hunger pains in the process.


What we're eating:

Edible Stadium
(Serious Eats) Check out the photos for these dedicated football foodies. I've got to say, I'm inspired. More impressive than the Ohio State stadium made out of Legos. Next up: Carrier Dome built with a cotton candy pillow ceiling.


"For professional reasons I ate a shit-ton of Valentine's candy. But not like we ordered from La Maison Chocolat. No, we went to Duane Reade. And it was disgusting. It's definitely not what you should get someone when you want to have sex with them."
--Francis Lam, Salon Food Writer on what he ate this week (New York magazine's Grub Street)

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