Learning How to Cook with xkcd

We all have those moments when the fridge fails us and we run out of materials to cook. Well right now, my pantry holds boxes of pasta, some honey, some rice, and several spices. None of the good stuff: no yogurt, no fruit, no potatoes, no green vegetables. Tis the curse of not owning a car on campus. So in this time of midterms, my debit card has racked up quite a history at the Subway on Marshall Street (yes, even a foodie needs to enjoy a cheap sandwich every now and then). Rather than posting an image of my staple lunch (turkey and Swiss toasted on nine-grain wheat), I thought I'd share a little humor and keep you in suspense until next Tuesday when I'll post my recipe for baked tilapia. Thank my housemate, Katrina, for helping me get to Wegmans tonight to pick up the ingredients for next week's creation.

Learning to Cook

Credit goes to the genius at xkcd.com.

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