What we're reading: February 11

A round-up of food-related articles and recipes we're digging into today

What we're reading
Married to a Chef
(Washington Post) Love stories in the restaurant world... and how these chef geniuses keep their relationships "hot." Surprisingly, only one proposal in the handful of couples interviewed took place in a restaurant. (Really?) 

What we're watching
Feed Me Bubbe
My family is adorably supportive of everything I do. So when in a recent conversation I mention, 'Oh yes, so I'm a writer for the new campus food blog...' I get an e-mail within the week from my dad with the link to this video blog: 'Thought you might enjoy it.' While the little old Jewish granny cooking up kosher meals makes me smile, my chuckle comes more from the fact that my non-Jewish father thought of me when he saw a clip of Feed Me Bubbe on TV. What're you trying to say, dad? This'll be me & my blog when I get to be her age?

What we're craving
Recipes for Romance
(New York Times) This slideshow compiles twenty different recipes for Valentine's Day treats that think outside of the box (of chocolates). To set the mood for you and that special someone, all foods pictured include aphrodisiac ingredients: figs, oysters, artichokes, honey, and chocolate.

To describe Russell Stover Private Reserve Secret Lace Heart: "You know the red and black lingerie that B-movie prostitutes always wear in saloons in bad westerns?"
-Salon foodies on the hunt for the best Valentine's Day candy

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