What we're reading: April 5

A round-up of food-related articles and recipes we're digging into today.

What We're Reading

Bienvenidos a Marshall Street, Chipotle

After months of salivating, the Chipotle on Marshall Street has finally opened! Lines are long, but surprisingly not out the door, customers tweet. Check out more of what Chipotlers are talking about on Twitter.

Genetically Modified Cows Produce Human Milk

(Slash/Food) Chinese researchers report that they have produced human-like milk from genetically modified cows. Chock full of the same nutrients as breast milk, the cow juice could help mothers that have trouble breastfeeding. How’s it taste? A bit “stronger” than regular milk, says lead researcher Ning Li.

Meet Meaty Vegetables

(The Wall Street Journal) Chefs across the country are casting new foods to star as main dishes. Vegetables, rather than meat, now take center stage on plates like cauliflower steak with quinoa, braised shelling beans with a poached egg, and fiddlehead ferns and parmesan soufflé.

Would you like a McJob with that?

(CNNMoney) McDonald’s announced that it plans to hire 50,000 new employees on April 19. The fast-food chain, which has over 14,000 locations nationwide, will hire crew and management positions. 


What We're Watching

Addicted to Food

Tonight at 10, "Addicted to Food," an eight episode docu-series premiers on the Oprah Winfrey Network. The show follows patients at a treatment facility that have rocky relationships with food.


What We're Craving: 

Chocolate Cream Peeps Pie


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