What we're reading: April 7

A round-up of food-related articles and recipes we're digging into today.

What We’re Reading:

Cracking Choice

(The Telegraph) Eat up this slideshow of the twelve best chocolate Easter eggs, all the way from England. We dig the Dinosaur egg with dinosaurs and fossils and the 80s Chocolate Rock Chicks.

Consider the Menu: Your dinner is at stake

(The Denver Post) Restaurant menus can be a solace to scan, or a headache to flip through. This article investigates the science and marketing behind the menu, considering the length, the language, and more.

Eating Locally

(The Onion) America’s Finest News Source shares some tips on how to embrace the locavore movement, including “tie one end of a 100-mile rope to your house and the other end to your waist to ensure that you only eat within that radius.”

Squirrel Meat Served at Edinburgh Restaurant

(BBC) Spoon Café Bistro has added grey squirrel to the menu, and this dish has sold out every day since its debut last Friday. To protect Scotland’s native red squirrel, the grey was being killed, so the free-range animal is ending up on plates.


What We’re Craving:

Angry Birds Babybel

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