Review: Smash Season 2 Episode 7

The show goes back to its old, messy, uneven tricks, after a promising respite last episode.

Just when we think “Smash” is headed in the right way, it turns onto a bumpy road. Last week, showcasing conflict in the creative process with an amazing makeover of an old number, and Tom replacing Derek as “Bombshell” director, for once in this season the audience could look forward to a better show. This week, “Smash” shattered that hope with “Musical Chairs” an at best, uneven episode.

What “Smash” after this episode? “Glee.”

Although it is not fair to say that “Smash” is an adult “Glee,” the events in “Musical Chairs” this week are nothing but chaos, just like an average episode of “Glee.” Karen leaves “Bombshell” and joins “Hit List,” Ivy leaves “Liaisons” and that show flops bizarrely, then Jerry is kicked out of Bombshell, Eileen resumes her producer role, and “Hit List” gets an inspiring opening song.

After Tom becomes director, Karen doesn’t buy any of Tom’s new instruction or choreography. When things seems will be fine when she determines to work well with Tom, she then quits “Bombshell” by suggesting Tom to get Ivy back to play Marilyn. She’s capricious, just like the rises and falls the bizarre characters in “Glee” are able to make within a second. Katharine McPhee (who plays Karen,) with her so-so acting makes it awkward: You can’t really tell if McPhee is confused or happy or mad.

Over at “Hit List” the arguments continue between Jimmy, Derek and Kyle and their producer. Jeremy Jordan is like a “Glee” actor accidentally on the wrong set. As the audience may all have tried to neglect “Hit List”, the show will certainly show much more “Hit List,” showing more fights, conflicts and triangle love in an annoying way.

Meanwhile Ivy has spent the duration of her current show persuading Terry to walk away from his comedic performing routine. Now as Terry is finally tamed and plays his character seriously, she finds his acting boring which is worse than being stupidly funny. She convinces him to play his funny card again. So “Musical Chairs” finds Ivy asking Terry to be funny again, in a bad case of “plot necessity whiplash.” Ridiculous, crazy, vulgar and entertaining, this performance of “Liaisons” ends up with Terry experiencing a fall and being sent to the hospital. So much for a “Will and Grace” reunion, and for the hope of smooth focused episodes of “Smash.”

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