Review: Smash Season 2 Episode 6

A solid episode presents some solid changes to the playing field of "Smash."

“Smash” gives us a brilliant song and some cast turnover in one of the better episodes of the season. For those who have been watching it from the very first episode, “The Fringe” reproduces the fresh and energetic feeling that originally drew them into the show.

Asked by the rest of the creative team and Jerry to decide which script to use, Aileen finally chooses Julia’s first draft concentrating on Marilyn’s growth and myth, instead of Julia’s newest rewrite involving influential men that shaped Marilyn. Then in rehearsal, Jerry cuts Karen’s “Never Give All the Heart,” which is also sung by Ivy in the first episode of last season. Explaining that the show already has too many ballads, he rightfully explains that “Bombshell” needs more exciting and upbeat songs. He is a jerk, but Jerry’s business sense are always right for this show, despite Derek and Julia’s objections.

Adding beats, raising the tempo, Tom then turns “Never Give All the Heart” into Marilyn singing and walking through her images of her ex-lovers. The changes nicely fit Jerry’s vision while satisfying Julia’s need to keep the song. The new version happens to be better because it’s so smart. It takes a big step without making many changes to the material: It’s still beautiful, with more energy and it’s still sad, but filled with power. With this song, “Smash” gives that glimpse of actual musical production, with a great example of work for hire in arts world.

Of course, Derek doesn’t like it. Mostly because similar changes occurred in Veronica’s concert rehearsal when Derek asked Veronica to change up “I Got Love.” He quits “Bombshell” as a result, and occupies the director position in Jimmy’s “Hit List.” Now it’s all but guaranteed that three musicals will occupy “Smash” for some time.

As Ivy pointed out in a previous episode, Tom can be a good director, and he gets his chance with “Bombshell.” The Derek and Tom arguments are gone, and Jerry’s underhanded activities are about to be discovered, the show may be on a smoother path. The episode leaves with a possible bright future and triumph for the partners and Aileen. But what drama do we have then? Maybe “Smash” will finally fulfill its promise and settle in with more episodes on the drama of creation and keep the drama of its characters in the background.

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