Get hairy with us

Four of The NewsHouse lead producers are participating in No Shave November. Join their efforts by sending your hairiest photos to

Gentlemen, it’s November so you know what that means. Time to put away the razors and shaving cream to master the art of mustache and beard growing.

No Shave November, or Movember, which is for mustaches only, are separate organizations created in 2003 to raise awareness for prostate cancer and other men’s health issues, according to The Washington Post.

Since their inception, these two awareness programs have raised millions of dollars from people worldwide showing their support. In 2010 alone, Movember raised more than $81 million for men’s health programs, according to the annual report.

So, to show our support, four of The NewsHouse lead producers are participating in this month-long abstinence from shaving. Every day, they will take a picture of their progress, and after 30 days, we will have a day-to-day progression of the glorious facial hair growth.

Are you participating in No Shave November or Movember as well? Send us your photos to and we will compile them all into a mustache collage for all to enjoy.

(Patrick Shannon, pictured below, has been sending in his photos and has already accumulated a healthy stubble.)

Happy growing!

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