Sustainable practices from Pinterest

Pinterest, the online pinboard, has easy and innovative ways to recycle and make your life more sustainable.

Pinterest is my new favorite time-waster. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, Pinterest is an awesome online pinboard where people can post anything they want, whether it’s a quote or a recipe or a DIY craft for your five-year-old daughter.

I’ve found that Pinterest is also great for simple home solutions on recycling and other sustainable practices. Here is a list of my top 5 sustainable tricks so far.

1. Creative ways to reuse wine and beer bottles: Have a bunch of pretty wine or beer bottles lying around that you don't know what to do with? Here are two awesome ways to reuse them. The first one is using it as a candle holder for an instant patio light for all your late spring and summer nights. The second way is simply using it as a flower centerpiece holder. 

2. Home recycling station: This idea that I found was an efficient way to separate recyclables in your home. There are bins for paper, plastic and aluminum and then a crate for newspapers.

3. Recycling crayons: There are very few times I will use crayon and recycling in the same sentence, but here is a neat way to use up all those little tips of broken crayons that are undoubtedly lying around the junk drawer.

4. Sustainable garden using recycled products: This blogger posted a really neat way to incorporate old tin cans into your garden. It’s not only sustainable practice, but it also looks pretty.

5. Sustainable tree house: This is by far my best find yet. Architect Robert Harvey Oshatz designed an amazing treehouse built from all recycled materials in the middle of the jungle. Check out the pictures of Oshatz’ masterpiece here.

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