April Fools'

The 1st day of April, and a time to fool your friends.

APRIL FOOLS' DAY is here -- a day of pranks and laughs.

We Juice Bloggers would love to hear your stories from April Fools' Day.  We want to know your best pranks -- whether it be this year or years past. 

We might even choose a winner, and that winner will be deamed "Best Pranker for 2010." 

Let the games begin!

Constituent phone call

Get an email from a friend that works for another Senator here in DC and she says that they had a constituent call this morning from Jacksonville, FL wanting to discuss education policy. So since I work on education policy for one of the Senators from Florida, she sends me the information on this person (Name, what he wants to discuss, and phone number). It was a 904 number so I give it a call expecting to speaking with a Mr. Robert Lyon about education policy.

The phone rings twice and then a recording picks up: "Good morning! You've reached the Jacksonville Zoo. If you know your parties extension, please dial it at this time"

So after unsuccessfully trying to search "Robert Lyon" in the staff directory, common sense kicked in and I realized I've been pranked...

April Fools 3rd Grade Style

When I was in 3rd grade we thought it would be funny to put salt in our teacher's coffee cup. Needless to say, she wasn't too happy when she drank it!

April Fools' Day

The best one I got is from last year (my Dad has seven children, this is important later). I'm a goofy person to begin with and do not pay attention to things like boundaries or good taste so this leaves me with the ability to do anything for a laugh. Last year at my undergraduate my older sister was actually teaching a class I was in; she taught metaphysical religion and needed one more person so her class wouldn't be disbanded, and I obliged.
It was about fifteen minutes before class when I decided to play a joke on her; I decided that when she first got in I would sit there all despondent and when she asked "what was wrong?" Reply, "Emily (my girlfriend) is pregnant." (I tipped off the other students I would do this)
Sister walks in, falls for the bait, gets nailed by the reply and she responds, "ummmm, what? This is something we should talk about after class..."
So I answer, still looking glum, "ya, I know, I'm sorry, I... I just... can't believe you fell for something like that on April 1st."
You could actually see the realization of what my sentence menat creeping across her face, when she was finally fully attuned to what was going on, she smiled her smile, berated me, asked the class if that was funny, they replied wholeheartedly in the affirmative, and she went back to teaching class.
Moral of the story, its always good to play a joke on April Fools's Day, no matter what the circumstances.

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