Meet a few of the living dead who recently roamed downtown Syracuse.

Hordes of the living dead descended upon Armory Square on Oct. 17, looking like they just pulled themselves from their graves.

Limping, dragging their limbs and eating ‘flesh’, zombies made their way from bar to bar in downtown Syracuse’s first ever “Zombie Walk” sponsored by local radio station 95X.

Scarab Tattoo paint artists stationed themselves outside of Empire Brewing Co. ready to create bullet holes, knife wounds, bloody lacerations or any mark to scare the living. Beyond there they paraded along sidewalks dressed to impress their fellow dead.

By the end of the night, the zombies posted up in their favorite watering holes to enjoy a beer or two with their friends. It makes you wonder what they’re going to do for Halloween.

Click here to listen to the zombies!



Thanks for doing the story on this. I hope they do it again next year.

Armory Square

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