Tough Questions: Find the Syracuse trivia night that's right for you

Head to one of the many local, bar-hosted events to bond with friends over beer while stepping up your knowledge of pop culture, geography, and American history minutiae.

The buzzy commotion of the bar softened and gazes shot to the front of the room in excited anticipation.

"The 'Seychelles' are a group of islands in what ocean?" Brian Cocca asked the group gathered at Trapper's Pizza in East Syracuse. Teams as small as three or as large as six were crammed around tables laden with drinks, appetizers, free popcorn, and baskets containing the cellphones of all participants. Trivia nights need to take certain precautions in the age of the smartphone.

"We're the Three Musketeers," Kirkville resident Nancy Fuegel said, after she and her two partners, husband, Bill, and friend, Doris Curcinga, came to a consensus about the islands and turned in their answer. She cackles: "We've come in last place every time."

The Three Musketeers have enthusiastically come to Trapper's Trivia Night for the past seven weeks, unperturbed by their losing record. "Someone's gotta do it," Curinga grinned.

Although it's the only trivia night that group attends, Trapper's certainly isn't the only game in town: 14 other bar-hosted trivia nights dot Syracuse and the surrounding area. Monday through Friday, a night doesn't go by lacking tough questions, grand prizes, and brain-stumping fun.

Cocca, whose eyes twinkle as his voice takes on the perfect game-show host cadence, owns Syracuse Trivia Company, which puts on eight different trivia events every week. "I've kind of established a fan base," he said. "The way I structure the games -- five questions, take a break, five questions, take a break -- keeps people engaged, but allows them to have time to buy food, and hang out. It's the perfect happy medium."

A hush once again comes over the room. "The 'Seychelles' are a group of islands in the... Indian Ocean!" Cocca announced, causing cheers and groans to erupt from the crowd. High-fives are exchanged and playful glares are shot, the omens of satisfaction and frustration respectively. Not every team got the question correct, but, as the Three Musketeers well know, racking up points isn't the only point.

If you think you're ready to test your chops, pick a trivia night that's right for you, and let the games begin:

See something that looks good? Plug the address into your GPS and get going.

(Bonus points if you can answer what GPS stands for.)

Venue When Where
Applebee's Fri. 9:00pm 5241 W. Genesee St.
Awful Al's Wine & Whiskey Mon. 8:30pm 321 S. Clinton St.
Bull and Bear Pub Wed. 7:00pm 125 E. Water St.
Coleman's Irish Pub Tues. 8:00pm 100 S. Lowell Ave.
Henneberg Tavern Tues. 7:00pm 64 Albany St.
Inn Complete Thurs. 9:30pm Skytop Rd.
Kitty Hoynes Irish Pub Mon. 8:00pm 301 W. Fayette St.
Lamont Tavern Thurs. & Fri 7:00pm 108 Lamont Ave.
Meghan MacMurphy's Thurs. 7:30pm 7990 Oswego Rd.
Metro Lounge Thurs. 7:30pm 505 Westcott St.
Quaker Steak & Lube Thurs. 8:00pm 3535 Walters Road
Sheraton Thurs. 7:00pm 801 University Ave.
Stingers Wed. 7:00pm 4500 Pewter Ln.
Trapper's Pub Mon. 7:00pm 5950 Butternut Dr.
Wise Guys Wed. 7:30pm 201 S. Salina St.

Smartass trivia is awesome!

 We go every week,soooo fun! And they play in rounds,so you don't have to sit all night for like 1 prize. They started at Nibsy's on Tuesdays,we went last week and we won a round of shots AND a drink tab,score! 

Syracuse Trivia Company

Coleman's Trivia is THE Triva event every Tuesday....Brian Cocca's trivia is the most challenging and has kept us coming back for more every week for close to 2 years...Coleman's obviously keeps us hydrated...look forward to it every week... NICE WORK BRIAN and SYRACUSE TRIVIA COMPANY!

Syracuse Trivia

Indeed they do!  I plan on going to several of his nights next week :]  Stingers is on there, it's just one line below Bull & Bear (kinda hiding, tricky).  Thanks for double-checking though!

The Syracuse Trivia Company

The Syracuse Trivia Company events really are the best around.  Make sure to go to their website to find an event put on by them!!!

  Syracuse Trivia


  1. Syracuse Trivia Company and Brian both rock.  I don't see Stingers on the first chart, tho?


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