Syracuse students display fresh talent covering songs from past decades

Review: SU students showcased their talents while performing songs from the 80s and 90s during the fifth annual Legends Concert held in Schine Underground.

It was a true "throwback Thursday" in the Schine Underground for the fifth annual Legends Concert on February 19. Hosted by the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Student African American Society, Black Legacy, and Redemption Acapella, this year’s theme was the "Greatest Hits of the '80s and '90s." 

Best of the Legends Concert:

 “Ex-Factor” by Lauryn Hill | Performed by Justine Thompson

With her striking physical and vocal resemblance to Lauryn Hill, Justine Thompson took hold of the Schine Underground crowd with her sweet and sultry voice. She swayed side to side and so did the crowd, almost hypnotizing. The crowd waited patiently for the most favored part of the song when Lauryn harmonized with tracks of her own voice. When the part came, the audience and Justine filled the room with a surprisingly superb harmony.

“Bag Lady” by Erykah Badu | Performed by Beverly Okanome and Caroline Idi

This beautiful duo made Badu’s hit sound twice as good. The young women harmonized and synchronized movement matching the song's lyrics, making the performance my personal favorite. As a big fan of Erykah Badu’s music and style, I am very critical of covers of her songs, but these ladies brought their A-game. They worked not only the song, but also got the crowd involved. During their performance, they would stop singing to let the crowd fill in the missing lyrics. In the words of Miss Badu, “art is the absence of fear.” Overall, Okanome and Idi’s performance was fearless.

 “I Wanna Know” by Joe | Performed by Christian Quiles

A first-year student, Quiles commanded the stage with an impeccable voice that moved harmoniously throughout the room with the crowd singing along with him the entire time. Quiles' rendition of “I Wanna Know” would have gotten Joe himself on his feet. Quiles received a well-deserved standing ovation from the crowd to close out his performance.

 “I Believe in You and Me” by Whitney Houston | Performed by Malcolm Davis

Davis, another freshman, delivered the most captivating performance of the night. At first, I doubted his ability to capture Houston’s essence. After all, who can actually cover a Whitney Houston song? He proved me wrong. He serenaded softly, hitting high notes with perfection.  Malcolm's performance was riveting to say the least and left the audience on their feet applauding him endlessly. 

The Legends Concert proved that students at Syracuse University are talented beyond belief and because of the event, students who may one day produce their own greatest hits, were able to showcase that talent.

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