Standout stories

We found plenty of bests, favorites and firsts on SU's campus ranging from the most dangerous street to the friendliest employee.

Superlative. It means “something having the greatest degree” — the best, the worst, the first, the most.

Students in the spring 2012 semester have added to the more than a dozen stories from fall 2011 about standout characters and organizations at Syracuse University and in the Syracuse area. Their work includes:

Once something is described as a superlative, its “greatest degree” status can be upended by something else that takes its place. Something described as “the only,” for example, might have company, after all.

We invite you to click on our videos and enjoy our SUperlatives and then let us know if you have any competing stories to tell. We welcome your ideas for future SUperlatives.

Students seeking alternative entertainment turn to themed ice skating on SU's South Campus.

Produced by Matt Kovac.


The most dangerous street on campus

High accident toll echoes Mom's advice: look both ways before crossing Comstock Ave.

Produced by Beckie Strum.


SU's friendliest employee

Dining hall worker Dominick Valentino greets students with a smile and a positive attitude.

Produced by Laura Jungreis.


Sustainability group works toward greener campus

SU club works to make the home of the orange a little bit greener by urging students to sip from eco-friendly water bottles.

Produced by Tyler Ruby.


Step by step: Breakdancers help each other

New and experienced breakdancers work on their moves Monday nights at Archbold Gym.

Produced by Shaun Janis.


DanceWorks provides both creative outlet and friendship

The dance troupe's members bond and find a creative outlet in their shared love of dance.

Produced by Melissa Siegel.


Building cultural bridges in the Syracuse community

Through cultural education, the La Casita Cultural Center connects Syracuse University and the community.

Produced by Safa Browne.

The coolest local male initiative

Vera House asks men to join in the fight against sexual violence.

Produced by Christina Levin.


EcohouseStudents strive for sustainability in first EcoHouse

Low heat, low lights and no TV are hallmarks of how four students live in their home at 821 Comstock Ave.

Produced by Rebekah Jones.

Thorden Park Rose GardenThornden's rose garden is (second) most beautiful

The Syracuse Rose Society has cared for Thornden Park's rose garden since 1970, transforming it into a botanical paradise.

Produced by Mary Desmond.

Quidditch at SUMuggle quidditch not just for Harry Potter fans

Players emphasize inclusiveness and diversity of Syracuse Quidditch, which they hope will be SU's next official club sport.

Produced by Sarah Loguidice.


Remembrance WallRemembrance Wall stands as perpetual reminder

The 35 seniors who represent the victims of the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing agree this part of SU's history must never be forgotten.

Produced by Kathleen Ronayne.

Comfy CouchComfy couches are a home away from home

Not too hard, not too soft — couches around campus are just right for students looking to sleep or study.

Produced by Audrie Tan.


SU graduate studentGraduate student engages her peers

Community spirit motivates Erica Monnin to involve fellow students in volunteer work outside SU's campus.

Produced by Camille Bautista.


Disability Cultural CenterBudding center embraces disability as a culture

The Disability Cultural Center is the only one of its kind on college campuses to fall under student affairs, bringing more groups to it.

Produced by Rebecca Kheel.

Orange Appeal

Special brotherhood bonds through singing

The only all-male acapella group on campus makes great music together and has a lot of fun doing it.

Produced by Sistina Giordano.


Otto the OrangeSU's mascot evokes extreme emotions

Otto the Orange has been ranked one of the worst and one of the best mascots in the country.

Produced by Brett Fortnam.


Quesadilla at Schine Student CenterVeggies + cheese in a grilled tortilla = a favorite

Quesadillas are the most popular food item ordered every day at the Schine Student Center.

Produce by Laura Liera.

Alejandro Garcia Alejandro Garcia focuses work on elderly Latinos

First Hispanic to win SU's Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award in 2006 cares deeply about what will happen to the next generation.

Produced by Fred Imbert.

Personal trainer Darius RichardsonPersonal trainer shows unrivaled dedication

Self-described as "demanding," Darius Richardson balances a full schedule of clients, along with graduate school and his own fitness.

Produced by Chris Ballard.

The Wheel sculptureSculptor's presence lingers in massive monument

The "Wheel," designed by Cort Savage, has been on SU's quad for the past 20 years — all 7,000 pounds of it.

Produced by Ryan Marfurt.

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