The seemingly endless 'Snowcember'

A Syracuse newcomer reflects on the snowfall that shows no signs of stopping.

New England weather is moody. Growing up in southwestern Connecticut, I saw times when it was warm in winter months and freezing cold in spring and summer.

Three years ago my family moved to Long Island, and in December 2009, there was a substantial blizzard where up to 26 inches of snow struck the ground, according to Newsday. It was unexpected, and it was a necessity to cozy up under blankets and have a nice cup of hot chocolate.

But wait. Isn’t Syracuse known for its snow?

This year marks my first year in Syracuse. Before I came to SU, many people told me to watch out for the snow. There would be lots of it and I should get boots that could handle lots of rock salt on the ground, they suggested. Have a big coat, scarf and gloves ready. You shouldn't care what you’re wearing or how your hair looks, because everyone is walking through the same weather conditions.

Being accustomed to Connecticut’s temperamental weather, I did not feel as scared as people tried to make me. I felt prepared to drive in the snow and I arrived here with two snowbrushes, container of rock salt and a small shovel in the trunk of my car.

As more than three feet of continuous snow has fallen this week during Syracuse’s first major snow event of the season, I’ve heard from several people that it was unexpected.

But wait. Isn’t Syracuse known for its snow?

The snowfall this past week, which has just kept going, and going, and going, completely stunned me. It hasn’t stopped!

But I must say, the most unexpected occasions can bring you the greatest joys in life. Everything does happen for a reason. While I admit, I was surprised and disappointed by how much snow was not plowed on the roads this week, I was most taken aback by the beauty of this city under these conditions.

Instead of looking down while walking to my last Critical and Feature Writing class this morning at The Warehouse, I looked up. The snowflakes fell gracefully, sometimes into my mouth. While some of the sidewalks weren’t plowed, I took my time and took advantage of just stopping to look around at what’s in front of me.

Central New York is a beautiful place, and the weather is most certainly moody: the snow keeps falling; yet the warm and beautiful sun has been popping out every so often.

Expect the unexpected, and embrace it.

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