Ke$ha's glitter-infused Block Party performance doesn't disappoint

Review: The pop star performed many of her No. 1 hits at the Carrier Dome on Friday, with openers Drop City Yacht Club and Trey Songz.

Syracuse University’s annual Block Party is time for students to break loose, to quench their thirst with questionable beverages and say goodbye to a semester that's overstayed its welcome. In the process of achieving these three goals, things may get a little inappropriate. Thus, it was fitting that pop vocalist extraordinaire Madam Kesha Rose Sebert made a visit to SU to sing a few songs on this glorified collegiate holiday.

Photo: Keagan Barber
Pop artist Ke$ha performs as the headliner for Block Party 2013 in the Carrier Dome on Friday.

Sebert, often better known by the pet name Ke$ha graced the stage in the Carrier Dome dressed in a sparking leotard and carried in the air by several thin, but heavily muscular male back-up dancers. She descended to her feet when they reached center stage and opened with No. 1 single "We R Who We R." But before this all happened, there were some pretty impressive openers.

First up was Drop City Yacht Club (DCYC). The male hip-hop music trio, signed to A&M/Octone Records, featured members A-Wolf, Kristo, THX. One thing the group did not lack was energy. During its first song, the trio assured the audience that it had "Moves Like Robocop," to which they paraded around the stage with interesting dance moves. Other songs featured lyrics like “I’m so James Dean” and “Surf’s up I wanna get drunk.” DCYC ended its set with the debut single "Crickets," which features R&B singer Jeremih.

Next up was R&B singer-songwriter Trey Songz, who is known for his distinct trademark call “YEA” and his go-to song intro “This right here’s a panty-dropper.” Songz got the crowd on their feet for several of his hit songs like "Say Ahh," "I Invented Sex," "Bottoms Up," "Successful" and, of course, the sultry smooth vocals of "Neighbors Know My Name."

Songz is known for his overtly sexual lyrics and lovemaking tunes, but he didn’t rely on only that to carry out a great set; his falsettos soared through the Dome. But let’s not forget, “I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t get a little freaky,” Songz sang. It was clearly foreshadowing what was to come.

Half way through his set, he ripped off his shirt, exposing his rock solid abs and giving half the audience minor heart palpitations. You could hear the cries of girls throughout the Dome, vying for a wink — or even a point — from Songz in their direction.

Alright, back to Ke$ha. She may not be the most respected artist in the entertainment industry, but with tens of millions of singles sold, she's a in a league of her own. Vulgar, aggressive and unapologetic (shameless Rihanna plug), Ke$ha showed ‘Cuse she was the queen of reckless behavior. During one song, two of her male dancers grooved around her wearing only tight black Speedos.

Ke$ha sang all the hits: "Blow," "Take It Off" and "Your Love is My Drug," as well as a couple of lesser-known hidden gems like "Gold Trans Am."

“This song is about my car,” she said.

She also shared that her song "Cannibal" was written with the help of her mother. Near the end of that performance, she grabbed a stage prop heart and proceeded to drink from it.

“Don’t f-ck with crazy b-tches, boys,” she warned.

Glitter, hair extensions, confetti and smoke. The show was full of flair coupled with impressive vocals. Compared to previous live televised performances, Ke$ha seemed confident and, one might say, at home in the Carrier Dome. Maybe performing for wild colleges students is where the star feels most comfortable.

And though she’s come so far, she still seems to appreciate where she started. She closed her performance with her claim to fame smash mega platinum — did I mention smash? — hit "Tik Tok."

“And I couldn’t find any f-cking toothpaste,” She yelled, but assured everyone that she had Jack Daniels rum to clean her pearly whites before starting her day.

Ke$ha may not be a role model, but home girl knows how to keep a party going. Did someone order pizza? Because this rock star delivered.

Before the concert: Are you excited?

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