Juice Jam 2016

Headliner Fetty Wap fails to show for otherwise satisfying Juice Jam

Review: Prior to University Union announcing the headliner hadn't show up, concertgoers enjoyed performances from LOLO, Stephen, Marshmello, D.R.A.M. and Tove Lo during a cloudless day.

The fans waited.

And waited.

But eventually, University Union announced Juice Jam headliner Fetty Wap hadn't shown up, and instructed everybody at Skytop Field on South Campus to  go home.

This wasn't the first time Fetty Wap skipped out on a performance. He was two hours late to a performance at the University of Georgia in April of this year, and when he finally showed up, he put on a disappointing show and the UGA refused to pay him, according to the Athens Banner-Herald. Fetty was also scheduled to perform at SUNY Brockport days before the UGA show, but was also a no-show.

Photo: Xiang Wei
Tove Lo riled up the crowd with her exceptional vocals and vivid stage presence.

Officials with UU cited “unforeseen travel delays” as to why students missed the Juice Jam headliner. Late Sunday night, UU issued this statement on their social media accounts: "Due to unforeseen travel delays today, Fetty Wap was unable to arrive at our venue at the agreed time. Unfortunately, we could not push back his performance time. We understand and share your frustration. Thank you so much for coming out and supporting Juice Jam. Even though we had to end the show early, we had a great time putting on this event for you. We hope you enjoyed the other artists and activities."

Prior to Fetty Wap's disappearance, concertgoers were mesmerized by phenomenal performances from LOLO, Stephen, Marshmello, D.R.A.M. and Tove Lo in a great lineup during a cloudless day.

"I give 150 percent of myself every time I'm on stage,” Lauren Pritchard, otherwise known as LOLO, said during an interview after her performance.

LOLO was the first act to perform, and because of that many concertgoers who had not yet arrived missed out. Regardless of how many people were watching, her impressive sound and vocal range rocked every listener to the core.

"I would be doing this in my room by myself with no one watching. I don't do this for the fame or glory. I do this because it is the core center of my happiness. If someone cares enough to listen, I don't care how many people it is, I'm happy,” she said.

The singer and songwriter released her second album, In Loving Memory of When I Gave a S**t, two weeks ago. "This [new] record that came out two weeks ago, I went through something really, really difficult," LOLO added, holding back tears. "It sent me into a very dark depression. It took me a while to come out of, and then when I came out the other side there was so much of myself in this record that I needed to share."

After her emotionally charged performance, Stephen took to the stage. Performing hits such as "Remembering Myself" and "Crossfire,” his powerful singing coupled with smooth guitar playing impressed the audience. After his set, he challenged his drummer to a duel, showcasing his ability to be versatile instrumentally. "Crossfire,” one of Stephen's biggest hits to date, talks about the Syrian refugee crisis and the uncertainty surrounding the area.

"[Crossfire] started with just a beat,” he said after his performance. "I was just throwing sounds together. I got a feeling out of it, this feeling of angst and confusion. The instrumental inspired the lyrics."

Marshmello was the next performer to wow the crowd. Everybody was hyped during his set, singing along and dancing to the music. He played his newest hit, "Alone,” which sparked the crowd even more, creating an infectious atmosphere that didn't go away. A devoted fan even came to Juice Jam donning the iconic white long-sleeve shirt and a home-made Marshmello helmet, taking pictures with many fans.

D.R.A.M. (Does Real A** Music) was the following performer, and he seemed to mesh well with the crowd, letting the fans have a lot of control with his music. D.R.A.M. had fun with it, telling listeners to say things such as "I like money" with a big smile on his face.

When asked what "real a** music" means, he responded, "Music that's authentic to me. If I said it, I actually did it or actually thought it; it's not anybody else's thoughts."

Tove Lo was the last performer on stage, though unexpectedly. The Swedish-born electropop singer riled up the crowd with her exceptional vocals and vivid stage presence performing hits such as "Habits (Stay High)" and "Talking Body.”

After she finished her set, fans waited for an entire hour for Fetty Wap, chanting his name in the beginning, then booing near the end of the 60 minutes. Ultimately, fans who showed up just to see the popular rapper left disappointed, with some taking to social media to ask for ticket refunds, but those who came still went home satisfied with the performances they had witnessed.

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