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A fitness center attendant's nightlife

Jose Rincon enjoys working for Late Night at the Gym.

Jose Rincon, a fitness center attendant for Late Night at the Gym, needed to get a job during the hours he was always free, and that happened to be late at night on the weekends. Originally, Rincon was hired as an attendant at all the gyms during daytime and early evening hours, but he realized that with schoolwork and extracurricular activities required for his major—health and exercise science—Late Night at the Gym shifts were a perfect match.

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Assistant director of the fitness centers, Tim Eddy, originally hired Rincon for a work-study position. After Rincon made the transition to work during Late Night at the Gym at Archbold, Ernie Rivera, assistant director of Late Night at the Gym and special events, became his new boss. His position as a late night attendant didn’t change Rincon’s pay; it just fit his schedule better. 

“Working for Recreation Services, you get paid minimum wage, which is $7.25 an hour,” Rincon said.

By working two other jobs on campus, Rincon is able to pay for things such as groceries. He works as a personal trainer for SU Recreation Services, and he also works for SU Food Services at the Goldstein dining center on South Campus. Rincon said he is limited to only working jobs on campus because he doesn’t have a car to work elsewhere.

As a Late Night at the Gym attendant, Rincon is required to put away all the weights, wipe down machines and file basic paperwork. Rincon said the nice thing about working for SU Recreation Services is that once he finishes his jobs, he is allowed to do his homework.

Although Late Night at the Gym cuts into Rincon’s social life on Saturday nights, he said he finds it helpful to get schoolwork done and stay out of trouble.

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