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If you're looking for a new place to cheer on your Syracuse Orange, look no further than the recently opened Saltine Warrior Sports Pub located just west of Clinton Square in downtown Syracuse. The name comes from Syracuse University's old mascot. Owned and operated by John Shahin, the same guy behind Harry's Bar right by campus, this new sports bar offers reasonably priced sports-viewing fare like pizza, wings and nachos. But it doesn't stop there. How about a steak sandwich or some traditional Lebanese food?

When to Go: Expect Saltine Warrior to be at its busiest before and during SU games. If you make it your pre-game destination, no need to worry about enjoying a few beers before heading up to the Dome - you can take a free shuttle to the Hill before and after the game. They also have DirecTV's Sunday NFL Ticket package if you want to make it a whole weekend affair. The bottom line: The joint is open from 11 a.m. to late night every day of the week, with dollar-off drafts and two-for-one bottles during happy hour, so there really isn't a bad time to go.

On Tap: Sure, the large circular bar in the middle of the restaurant is inviting enough, but what really stands out are the two self-serve beer tap tables in the back. Perfect for large parties, these self-serving taps will keep your glass full throughout the game. The bottom line: Regular beers like Bud Light will put about a $3 dent in your wallet, but go for something more local like a Syracuse Pale Ale or Southern Tier IPA for just a few bucks more.

Blue Plate Special: You can't go wrong with a sirloin steak sandwich served open face on garlic toast or a slice of their very popular fresh-made pizza. If you really want to tap into the game day experience, though, order the wings. They come in four sets: 12 wings for $7.50; 24 for $15; 50 for $30; or if you're really feeling adventurous, 100 for $58. The bottom line: Get a few wings, maybe a slice of pizza ($2.50 a slice), and some of their traditional Lebanese bulgur and tomato salad, known as homemade tabouli ($6.50 an order), and you'll be full till the final whistle blows.

The Scene: Saltine Warrior is orange and blue to the core. Orange and blue booths and nothing but SU banners cover the place from end to end. The bottom line: Relax, those orange sweats you were planning on wearing all day long will be just fine.

The Crew: The waitstaff, bartenders and cooks in Saltine Warrior's open kitchen are pretty laid back and quick to ask if you need anything or to strike up a conversation, but not often enough to bother you every time your water glass needs refilling. The bottom line: Staff is friendly but service is average.

The Crowd: Evening bar hours are for those 23 years of age and older. This isn't exactly your father's sports bar, but it's close. The bottom line: Yeah, Saltine Warrior is pretty chill, but leave the craziness for Chuck's.

The Deets: Good pizza, good wings, an atmosphere to soothe your Orange-fandom needs and a pretty cheap menu to boot (you can easily enjoy a bounty of food and drinks to last you an entire afternoon of games for $20 to $25). The bottom line: Saltine Warrior is ideal if you want to enjoy the game with a calmer crowd.

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214 West Water Street
Syracuse, NY 13202
(315) 314-7746

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