Cafe Kubal Coffee Roasters

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You know the feeling. The immediate, involuntary response — almost too subtle to notice — but there in the greedy inhalation, fluttering eyelids and chest-held clutch as you watch the steam uncurl from the aromatic brew. A ritual familiar to all those who pay respect to the beverage that puts an extra pep in one’s step and provides that spare zap of energy to keep you going for that one last hour: the ever-dependable cup of Joe. The reverence Café Kubal has for the robust bean permeates through every adjustment of the espresso machine to the parting “Take it easy” as you exit the quaint shop. It’s more than just serving up a good cup of Guatemala for this bar; it's giving customers a coffee experience that satisfies the soul.

When to Go: Like any good coffee bar, Café Kubal opens its doors bright and early, so people can get in their shot of espresso before officially starting the work day. The roughly 300-square-foot building can create a snug situation if you’re caught in the morning rush. But don’t fret; this efficient staff keeps pouring out the same quality coffee throughout the day. Be sure to check out the store’s daily hours, though, because they vary slightly during the week. The bottom line:  All your daily caffeinated needs can be easily met. But if the mood strikes after 7 p.m. or on a Sunday, you’re out of luck.

On Tap: When it comes to offering a quality product, Café Kubal doesn’t disappoint. With a selection ranging from a Brazil Mogiana roast from Latin America to the classic Indonesian Sumatra Lintong, the café prides itself on finding just the right level to roast its seasonal brew. And for all those who fancy lattes and cappuccinos, this coffee house spews out all the classic combinations in three sizes. Prices range from $2.50 to $4.50. If a single serving isn’t enough, bags of all the store’s whole bean roasts are available to take home and enjoy on your own time. The bottom line: The cost may be slightly higher than your average cup, but it’s not just your typical blend, either.

Blue Plate Special: Coffee may be its bag, but this café definitely has more to offer. Homemade biscotti and cookies are just a few of the baked goods on display, including items that are gluten-free and vegan. Hot chicken gumbo soup is just one of the featured lunch specials, and can be paired with a Greek summer salad or seasonal pasta salad. The crowd-pleaser, however, goes to the spinach and artichoke quiche that’s made with local free-range organic eggs, and has the words “It’s amazing” scrawled under the $4.50 price tag. The bottom line: Whether you’re itching for something salty, sweet, or savory, this place has got you covered.

The Scene: The colorful plants and charming tables that make up the bar’s front patio are a pleasant change from the row of red and brick buildings that make up Eastwood Plaza. The mixture of rustic fixtures and stainless steel appliances throw off any specific style. The soft tunes that play against the hum of the coffee equipment are meant to complement the overall environment, not leave a bitter taste in anyone’s mouth. The bottom line: The clean and comfortable vibe is inviting to just about everyone. But the shop's coffee bag curtains and display of antique appliances represent Café Kubal’s overall feel. At the end of the day, it’s all about the coffee.

The Crew: Knowledgeable in all things java, this bunch of coffee nerds not only need to be good behind the bar, but also need to love, drink and be willing to learn more about the flavorful pick-me-up on a daily basis. It’s not enough to strive to offer the best experience in Eastwood Village or Syracuse. No, these guys are aiming for perfection around the globe. The bottom line: If great coffee with a side of hospitality is your type of order, this place definitely fits the bill.

The Crowd: Anything from business suit-wearing to pierced-up individuals frequent this corner street joint. But it’s the loyal customers and first-name basis relationship the baristas have with them that truly shows the local following of this café. The bottom line: All coffee lovers welcome.

The Deets:  The dedication Café Kubal has for making and spreading the awareness of good coffee around the Syracuse area can be seen in the store’s E-newsletters and scheduled coffee classes to enhance the customer’s familiarity with the entire process. This fall, the Eastwood location is going to expand its space to twice its current size, and will be more group friendly for a casual hangout or study session with its free Wi-Fi access. The bottom line: Don’t be afraid to step outside the comfort of green siren logos and pink and orange themed cups for your routine coffee run. You won’t regret it.

Profile by Dani Villalobos


3521 James Street
Syracuse, NY 13206
(315) 278-2812

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This cafe does sound good. - Chris

Chris you said that you have a bean to cup machine. I wanted to know about its price when you brought?

Cafe Kubal Coffee Roasters

I have heard a lot about this restaurant and wanted to visit this but did not know the exact result. So with your help i may now be able to visit the restaurant this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

This cafe does sound good. I

This cafe does sound good. I have a bean-to-cup machine and I use the Brazil Mogiana roast for my espresso which is amazing.

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