Green-themed getups for Halloween

Make Mother Nature proud with these fun and simple ideas for costumes. See, it's easy being green!

Halloween is approaching quickly, and the leaves outside are turning from summery greens to lush reds. But just because the trees are becoming less green doesn't mean you should too. Make the environment one of your top priorities this Halloween with these green-themed costume ideas.

If you’re a blatant environmentalist, show your passion this year by dressing up in a costume revolving completely around the environment. Go as global warming by wearing all blue and patching green fabric on your clothes to represent Earth. Walk around cooling yourself off throughout the night with a water spritzer and complain about the heat. Or impersonate an environmental figure: Be the famous Captain Planet superhero, or embody Mother Nature both physically and morally by making a head wreath by tying sticks into a circle and securing fall’s fallen leaves all around. You can throw this addition to your costume back into nature the next day without regrets.

Another easy way to keep your costume recyclable and environmentally-friendly is with these pun costumes. Think you're classy enough to pass up a real-life one night stand? Why don't you take the higher road and be one instead? Take a cardboard box, cut the bottom flaps off and cut a hole for your head. Paint it like a nightstand and glue some knickknacks to the top. Use a lampshade as a hat if you want to go all out. If you're just looking for an innocent make-out, be a French kiss: dress up like a Frenchman and paint your face like Gene Simmons. 

The innocent can take a more virginal route on their pun costume with an extra pinch of green: go as mixed greens by wearing all your green-colored clothes at once, and borrow your friends' for even more variety. These costumes use recyclable items that will have people thinking and laughing. And as long as you recycle, they won't contribute to the earth's waste.

For the procrastinators on a time crunch, wearing a friend's work uniform is an easy way to score an eco-friendly costume. Borrow someone's Domino's, Pita Pit or Subway uniform and go as an employee. Three benefits of this idea? It's free, it doesn't contribute to waste and you won't be the one who gets yelled at by your boss for all the stains you couldn't get out of your uniform.

So don't use Halloween as an excuse to become belligerently hostile toward the environment. The earth gives you the pumpkins for your pumpkin pie, the sugar for your eggnog and the apples for your apple cider — all the treats that are so popular at this time of year. Use your imagination and you'll be able to treat the earth just as well as it treats you.


Images: Flickr /andertoons

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