Davis and Lang, Boeheim and university play waiting game

A decision is pending over the location of Bobby Davis and Mike Lang's defamation suit against Jim Boeheim and Syracuse University.

New York State Supreme Court Justice, Brian DeJoseph heard arguments Tuesday morning regarding the defamation suit against Jim Boeheim and Syracuse University, according to an article posted Feb. 21 in the Post-Standard.

Mariann Wang, an attorney for Mike Lang and Bobby Davis -- the first two accusers in the Bernie Fine saga -- argued for their defamation case to be heard outside of Onondaga County, citing bias in a community in which Jim Boeheim and Syracuse University are embedded, according to the article. The defense, represented by Mary Beth Hogan, countered that jury selection would weed out any "crazed fans," according to the article.

DeJoseph said he will likely make a decision Wednesday evening.

Wang and Gloria Allred originally filed suit against Boeheim and SU over comments he made in the wake of Davis and Lang's sexual assault allegations against then-assistant SU basketball coach, Bernie Fine. Boeheim had said that the accusations were about money.

On Dec. 30, Allred filed suit in New York County State Supreme Court. Boeheim's lawyer, C. James Zeszutek then filed for the case to be moved to Onondaga County on January 17. Arguments were heard in New York City on the issue on Feb. 10.

Should DeJoseph decide to move the case to Onondaga County, his ruling would be final, barring an appeal to a higher court, according to the article. Neither Davis and Lang nor Boeheim were present at Tuesday's hearing.

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