Artist to Watch: Neon Indian

Brooklyn-based Neon Indian is poised to release the electro-pop debut "Psychic Chasms."

Alan Palomo, the electronic maestro behind Brooklyn-based Neon Indian, is catching fire in indie-rock circles. But what people don’t realize is he’s been in the game for a while now with his disco-house DJ act, VEGA, and he’s still only 21 years old. His young but already prolific career is impressive to say the least, and if Neon Indian’s upcoming debut, Psychic Chasms, is any indication of Palomo’s future, the sky is the limit.

Featuring what are sure to be instant electro-pop classics (“Terminally Chill” and “Deadbeat Summer”) Neon Indian’s album is already making noise, fueled by a massive North American and European tour that began earlier this month.

Neon Indian employs lo-fi disco beats and soul-soothing vocals, while retaining a balanced blend of high-pitched synthesizer and distorted guitar. Palomo is a Jack of many trades, and he makes use of trippy visuals during live concerts, which perfectly complement Neon Indian’s dream-like electronic choruses. At the core of his love for concert visuals is his deep love for film. Palomo has said in the past that some of his music has roots in some of his favorite movies.

Neon Indian is not just a techno act; Palomo is much more sophisticated than that. Its range includes great dance-party music, as in “Ephemeral Artery,” as well as slow melodic ballads, like “Local Joke.” Neon Indian hits home in more than one way, and it’s his accessible and versatile sound that has many begging for more.

Psychic Chasms is due out on October 13 and will be available online, CD, tape and vinyl.

Check out Neon Indian’s MySpace for more info and tour dates, and have a listen to “Deadbeat Summer” below.

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