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Meet DJ BLinn

BLinn, the electronic spinner for Syracuse University rap/disco group Mouth’s Cradle, doesn’t even need the high-tech programs to compete with the hottest DJs on campus. While originally starting off by scratching vinyl records, BLinn is a full-fledged electronic mixer ready to take flight with rapping partner, Kevin Hegedus.

Contrary to the controversial Girl Talk, BLinn, aka Brandon Linn only uses original music in his mixes. It comes naturally, however, since BLinn grew up in a recording studio and didn’t waste much time playing with a microphone and picking guitar and drums before DJing took hold.

Linn, a writing program senior who's been spinning vinyl since middle school, sees music as something to take advantage of while he’s still young. BLinn and Hegedus and preparing for the long haul with the recent release of their debut EP, Baby Teeth. You can download a free copy here.

In addition, the group plans to tour through Boston, New York City and Philadelphia in hopes of making some noise and getting exposed.

The Playlist

Influences: Dan Deacon, J Dilla, Girl Talk and Flying Lotus.

Mixing Program: Virtual DJ

Label: O, Morning Records

Random Fact: BLinn mixed a song from the television show, The Golden Girls. It's featured on the recently released Mouth's Cradle EP.

DJ BLinn on the Remix: "I am a big fan of jazz, so I decided to do a jazzy interlude for my remix. I added a funky new drum kit, a similair bass line to the original but on stand-up bass, and retro synth lines that I did myself. Finally I embedded a Coltrane sample to give it a bit more flavor. The girl's voice is awesome so it tied everything together."

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