Suburban wildlife and missing body parts: A performance from the Hart

Review: Energetic comedian Kevin Hart visited Syracuse Nov. 2 for social media-centric afternoon film screening and an evening of manic stand-up.

God was definitely not playing a trick on Syracuse University when Kevin Hart performed at Goldstein Auditorium on Nov. 2.

In the midst of filming movies and TV shows, Hart took the time to visit SU to do an exclusive screening of his new movie, The Wedding Ringer, and to perform a stand-up set that included completely new material. Hart brought his Wedding Ringer costar Josh Gad to the screening as well. This was all part of Kevin Hart’s college tour that includes visiting select schools to promote his upcoming movie, but also to give back to the fans who have continuously been reaching out and supporting him via social media.

Photo: Spencer Bodian
Kevin Hart participated in a question-and-answer session earlier on Sunday at Syracuse University.

The Hart-filled day began with the screening of The Wedding Ringer at the HBC Gifford Auditorium followed by a Q-and-A session with both Hart and Gad. The two actors have a dynamic chemistry on screen as well as off screen, which added to the genuine conversation that the moviegoers had with them. Hart also opened up about wanting to take on a diverse set of acting roles besides just playing the “funny guy."

“Well, the way that my body has been looking like recently," Hart said as he swiped his sides and arms, "I would definitely like to take on some action roles as well."

The night ended with a stand-up performance that had the audience roaring with laughter and wiping away tears of laughter. Hart catered to the audience by bringing in some of his own college experience into the mix and opening up about some of the major events taking place currently in his life. Hart mentioned his highly publicized engagement and also watching his son and daughter grow up.

One of his biggest stories revolved around him adjusting into his new house that is far away from the city life. Hart discussed being taunted by a raccoon from outside his glass door and not being used to wildlife around his new house. Hart revealed his fear of being attacked by a wild animal and having to lose a body part as a result.

He then went on to discuss how he wouldn't want to date anyone who had a part of their body missing. He gave the example of how vital kneecaps are and how we couldn't live without them, let alone find someone who is missing them to be attractive.

Hart made many references to his previous specials and spoke about his relationship with his father. One of his most memorable jokes that night talked about how scared he gets when he hears strange noises at night. He went on to tell the story of his daughter jumping into the hallway in the middle of the night and scaring him to death. Hart described running out the house into the car and finding out that his father was already in the back seat waiting to get out of the house.

"That moment was when I realized how little I cared about my family because I was the first one to leave get out the house," Hart said

Hart delivered a live performance that some have experienced parts of through his Netflix specials. Students, alumni and locals enjoyed this comedic powerhouse and now have new Kevin Hart references to speak on until his next stand-up special is released in 2016.

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