Costumes at SU

Making good on a Halloween costume

Photo essay: Senior Drew Osumi explores the motivations and inspiration for students' Halloween attire.

I’ve noticed at Syracuse University that there are many people who tend to remain exclusive to a set of friends. They might do this because they feel that it is safer or other people aren’t as cool as their current friends.

As a photographer, I’ve been able to travel around and photograph different events on campus, and I find it incredibly fascinating to see the similarities between all groups of people.

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Originally, I wanted to photograph people in their costumes this weekend for a portrait project. But while I was taking photos, I came to realize that everyone is out on Halloween looking to accomplish one thing: they all want to have a good time.

I never really understood why you would avoid someone who isn't already your friend. Many times that person or group of people, previously foreign to you, can give you new insight to something you might not have thought of otherwise.

Looking back on this portrait series, I’ve noticed that no matter where I went, there were students who were dressed up and wanted to have a good Halloween experience.

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