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Design a new Syracuse logo

We need your help designing new Syracuse logos!

We're working on a story about the history and future of the SU logo, and we need your help...

It's time to get the creative orange juices flowing and help us come up with new Syracuse logo designs. 

Send your SU logo design and a couple of sentences explaining it to by Friday, April 13. Designs may be included in our story on 

The SU logo has been through quite a journey starting in the 1950s with the school's original "Saltine Warrior" nickname (first row on the left). After complaints about the offensive nature of the logo, SU retired it and replaced it over the years with various incarnations of "SU" letter combination logos.

In 2004, athletic giant Nike took a stab at redesigning the logo to an interlocking "SU" (second row on the left), only to have it changed once again in 2005 to a block "S" (second row on the right), which remains to this day .  

Thanks, we look forward to seeing your designs!



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