14 things you can learn about Aaron Carter through social media

His posters may not have graced your walls in 10+ years, but the "I Want Candy" singer has been busy. Catch up before he comes to Syracuse next weekend.

Aaron Carter is coming to The Westcott on February 24 as part of his “The After Party” tour, and what better way to prepare for the show than by brushing up on your AC facts?

Sure – there may have been a time when you knew his favorite color, his birthday and his snack of choice. He was, essentially, the Bieber of his day. (Aaron thinks they could be brothers). And while it’s been a while since he graced the pages of Twist and Tiger Beat, Carter has certainly been keeping busy. He released Another Earthquake in 2002 and the compilation Come Get It: The Very Best of Aaron Carter in 2006, appeared in multiple films and television shows, and performed on Dancing With The Stars in 2009.

He’s also become quite an active user of social media, namely Twitter and InstagramSo without further ado, here are 14 things you can learn about Aaron Carter from his social media profiles:


1. He loves the snow. 

Even warnings about dangerous conditions can't dissuade AC from tweeting his joy. 



2. No, really... he loves the snow.

Wtih that jacket and that snow face, you're going to love Syracuse, AC. 



3. He also loves pine... for dinner.

Who doens't love a good bough with their burger?



4. He partakes in planking, on occasion.

This has got to be good for the abs. 



5. He has an extensive vocabulary. 

And an affinity for vagueness, apparently. Tolerance for what?! for whom?!



6. He loves his Mom, but not as much as he loves proper spelling.

Priorities, you know?



7. He hasn't forgotten about Beanie Babies.

If you have a rare, mint condition, tags-intact Hoot, this is your chance to win him over.



8. Latinas are his weakness. <3





9. He drinks root beer with a straw. 

Gotta wash down that pine somehow.



10. He longs for '90s dinner foods.

The one with the Mac'n'cheese and pudding, but only when he isn't eating pine, of course. 



11. He does his phone interviews shirtless. 

The caption for this Instagram? "Phoners phones phoners!!!!! Bring on the interviews! #theafterpartytour"

(Check out our Q&A with Carter here, especially since he was probably shirtless for it.)



12. He does other things shirtless. 

Actually, he does a lot of things shirtless, apparently.



13. He remains calm, even in crisis. 

No sailor mouth for this cool cat.



14. He ACTUALLY checks if you follow back.

He's like Santa with his followers list, so you better follow back, girl.




For more information or to order tickets to the Feb. 24 show at The Westcott, visit their website.


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