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Get with the program

Mike Lattimore has been selling programs at the Carrier Dome for 15 years, but is yet to get bored.

Fifteen years.

That’s how long Mike Lattimore has been selling programs at the Carrier Dome.   

But Lattimore, a retired Pepsi distributor owner, hasn’t gotten bored yet.

“Only two dollars for you sir! For YOU! TODAY!” he shouts, his upstate New York accent coming to a crescendo with each word.

“Pretty cheap, ain’t it?” he shouts to passersby.

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Lattimore sells programs for all SU sporting events, but he says lacrosse fans are the most fun.

You can find the Phoenix, N.Y. native rolling around his vending cart, handing out Taco Bell coupons and cracking jokes with the locals.

And if you don’t see him, you’re almost guaranteed to hear him.  Lattimore’s charismatic “Programs! Ayo!” echo throughout the Dome from face-off to the final buzzer. 

“Only two dollars for you sir! For YOU! Today!” he says over and over again, pointing to his target spectator, making each claim sound more personal than the last.

Win or lose, Lattimore is all about the smiles.  As long as the fans are happy, he’s happy.

“Laughter makes the world go ‘round,” he says. 



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