Earth Week 2012

In honor of Earth Week 2012, Erin Carson compiled a list of college-student-friendly tips that can help you go green this week!

After a rare and gorgeous 80-degree day in Upstate New York, it seems Syracuse has caught on to the fact that it’s Earth Week. Repay Mother Earth for the unseasonably, snow-free weather by adopting a few green practices. Here are some of our favorite ways to do that, courtesy of Green Universal.

Unplug your chargers Go ahead and scoff at the good one unplugged cellphone charger can do, but keep in mind it adds up over time. Plus, electricity isn’t the only thing that gets wasted – your money does, too.

Climate control This might be the most minimal effort you exert all day. Dial down your thermostat to somewhere between 65 and 68 degrees. Extra points for turning it off and opening the windows!

Power showers Ponder your deep thoughts elsewhere and shave a few minutes off your daily shower. Extra points for keeping the water temperature cool.

Conscientious coffee When faced with a caffeine craving, opt for coffee that’s either shade grown or organic. As Green Universal puts it, it’s “better for the eco system and better for you.” A great place to buy organic coffee on campus is People's Place, located in the basement of Hendricks Chapel. Not to mention it's cheap, too.

Think long term While disposable products rate high in convenience, they’re not necessarily smart options for the green-minded. Instead, look for products that come in glass or metal containers. Brita has a popular reusable water bottle. Each filter lasts two months and a package of two bottles is only $14.99 at Wegmans.

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