Juice Jam: Your views and reviews

You tweeted, we listened: a collection of student videos, photos and opinions. What did you think of the festival?

This year's Juice Jam boasted the largest crowd in the event's seven-year history. Five thousand students were on hand at Skytop on Sunday, and many of them took to the Internet to share videos, photos and memories of Lupe and the like. Below, find some of our favorites -- and don't forget to share your own in the comments!


(Source: Fernando Alfonso III on East Coast Paper Boy)

(Source: @MYVIPPARTY on Twitvid)

(Source: Andrew Renneisen on Youtube)


(Source: Nate Mattise on Flickr)

(Source: Ari Cohen on Twitpic)

(Source: Scott Casanova on Plixi)


"lol all the freshies are coming up to the desk asking me where skytop field is. #juicejam" (Source: @zariely)

"This weather makes me happy that I will not be attending Juice Jam." (Source: @amandaskii)

"Our very own Drew Shields made a special track for   Juice Jam! Go listen and download now! http://fb.me/HwMBLwSb" (Source: @WERWradio)

"i can hear juice jam from my house #loud" (Source: @pinacuse)


"I'm losing my voice and can't hear in my right ear #juicejam" (Source: @gabz3003)

For the masses

Freeder did a spectacular job with this video. The choice of music, slow-mo, dancing, editing--it all worked perfectly.

SU needs to use this video to build the hype for next year's show.

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