Creations Dance Company: The Unspoken

Creations Dance Company fights stigmas with dance in "The Unspoken"

Creations Dance Company performed for an audience of over 200, expressing themselves on topics such as suicide and addiction, which are considered "taboo" by today's standards.

The dancers shifted through poses, their bodies cast in darkness.  Then the lights flashed on, and the show began.

From darkness into light.  This was the driving idea behind the Creations Dance Company annual show “The Unspoken,” which also featured a special performance by the Outlaws Dance Troupe.  The show focused on removing the stigma surrounding taboo subjects by stimulating helpful and informative discussions.

Photo: Kelly Agee
Creations dance company performs a dance on stage. They perform in then style of jazz, ballet, lyrical, salsa, tap, modern, hip-hop and include some elements of vogue.

In an effort to encourage conversation, poetic voiceovers introduced each topic before the dances, which ranged across a vast array of styles.

These narrations included lines such as “Bet you thought you had me, slice, baby” to present the idea of relationship violence, and “Bring its finest up through so devilish a fire” to describe the theme of race.

Other topics included addiction, sexuality, suicide, prostitution, body image, and gender roles.

As each dance ended, the words “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable” echoed over the speaker to help reinforce the subject of the evening.

This message was presented against a backdrop of pulsing music, flashing strobe lights, and even fog.  As the dancers twisted and twirled across the stage, the audience of over 200 people delivered cheers and shouts of encouragement to the dancers.

This included support for Syracuse University senior Daphnee Stowers.  Fighting back tears, she spoke about her own battle with mental illness following her father’s death.  In a speech before her solo performance, she stressed the importance of seeking help and encouraged others to “be empathetic.”

Stowers took the stage in darkness, isolated by a single spotlight.  She finished to a standing ovation, lights blazing behind her.  From darkness into light.

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I'm part of Creations Dance Company and I was wondering if there was any way I could receive more pictures from this event?

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